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Venice – A Saint Comes to Venice

Last episode, we saw the lagoon encircled by Frankish forces, but the Venetians survived Pepin’s siege and escaped submission to the new feudal order taking root in the rest...

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Venice – War Comes to the Lagoon

IH Season 1: Venice, episode 4: War Comes to the Lagoon We left off last episode with Maurizio, the son and co-Doge of Doge Giovanni Galbaio, looking down from...

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Venice – The First Doges

IH Season 1: Venice, episode 3: The First Doges Last episode we explored the Venetian lagoon and the forces that helped give the people a shared cultural, economic, and...

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Venice: The Foundations of a New City

Italian Histories Season 1: Venice, episode 2 Last episode, we explored the origins of the people who populated the Veneto region and its lagoons, and found that a Venetian...

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Venice – The Founding of a People

Italian Histories Season 1: Venice, episode 1 Venetian history begins during the tumultuous end of the Western Roman Empire and I believe it will be helpful to go over...

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